#sowearehome it was a long day #momentsoftheweek

our son always asks me to tell him a story at bedtime. he usually says, „mommy, it was a long day… please tell me about it.“ so i start with how we woke up, had breakfast, then go on to what we (each) did during the day, what we talked about during dinner and point out things we got angry about or laughed about (since i feel this helps him get settled and process all the exciting and new things he experienced that day) and finally end the story of our day by repeating his words: „it was a long day“. he really likes this and i do too. it is good to remember the whole day, since usually, we tend to remember only bits and pieces of it. sometimes a whole day seems pointless because of things going all wrong (or whatnot) despite of all the (tiny) fabulous moments and the laughter buried under the overall feeling of „let’s start over tomorrow“. so let’s not start over just yet, but relive the good moments. and since it is friday, let’s look at the whole week.

this week was marked by lots of decisions, an unforgiving clock, teething-toddler-moodswings, too little sleep (as always) but also full of good things, too. my personal and favourite #sowearehome moments were:

1) finally launching and moving forward with the sowearehome project we’ve been talking about and planning for months (excited to see this ‚home‘ change and grow)

2) hear my son singing songs we or he made up on the busride home.

3) a good discussion about whether to move into a new flat or not

4) the decision to finally get a waffle iron (what took us so looong?)

5) winning an auction (oh those final seconds…)

6) the unexpected fit of laughter last night when i was trying to put our little wild thing to bed. he was already pretty tired and actually getting calmer, when he started laughing about I don’t know what out of the blue. he was lauging so intensely that it became ‚infectious‘, and after a minute or so, we were both laughing our hearts out. BLISS!

7) driving through the park on a crispy, but sunny tuesday morning

it was a long day. it was a long week.

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