#soweeat mango bulgur lime ginger salad (healthy living)

this one is definitely (already rated high) on the list for best recipe 2015 in this house. woah, niiiiiice!! sorry, maybe you are not as much into lemon and ginger as we are, fair enough, but if you are, try it, it’s easily prepared, fresh, healthy, full of flavours and a great vitamin boost during this wet and cold winter season.

what you need for the mango bulgur lime ginger salad:

1 cup bulgur
1 medium sized lemon
1 ripe mango
a good handful of rocket leaves
fresh, grated ginger (to taste)
a spoonful of soy sauce

boil the bulgur in enough salt water until soft (1 cup bulgur + 2 cups of water). in the meantime, squeeze the lemon, cut the mango into small pieces, and grate as much ginger as you like and mix the 3 ingredients in a large bowl. add the rocket leaves and the cooled bulgur.

serve the salad with a little soy sauce sprinkled on top of each bowl.

enjoy and share the recipe. we would love to hear & see your versions of this salad. :)


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