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aw, those moments where you flick through all the great diy websites and pinterest boards and start thinking, oh, i want to do this, too, heck yeah, you know what, i will do this, i will actually go and buy material to vintage the dust out of grandmas old drawer or turn our kids playroom into a giant rocket. it doesn’t look too complicated. i can do this. i will … nah, who am I kidding. i won’t. and as sad as it is, it is realistic. and to be honest, although I would love to have more time to engage in diy and creative shindigs, I am kind of at peace with reality. reality is not so bad either, you know. giant rockets do not necessarily need painted cardboard walls to fly, ask your kid, or grandmas old drawer might look perfect with just a little dusting or a sweet doily and fresh bouquet of flowers.

having said that, i do love to look at what elsie, emma and the rest of the a beautiful mess crew or other great crafters and diy-ers come up with. it is inspiring and some things might be implemented here even if it is just a tiny littly piece of the actual idea, a colour maybe or the decision to buy a different lampshade or work on the photo and picture wall in our home.

for what it’s worth ūüėČ – here are some of our latest favourite diy finds. may they inspire you and remind you of the creative energy you have to think up crazy, wonderful things to do (with or without your crafting toolkit):


1) sculptural paper orb lights (by designsponge.com)

2) alphabet magnets by handmade charlotte

3) dinner table (by a beautiful mess)

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