#sowelisten agnes obel

no, it is not brand new or hip and happening, but for us it is. since almost 2,5 years agnes obel’s album philharmonics has been a part of our everyday lives. and i mean EVERY DAY. her music is the only music that our little boy wants to hear while falling asleep. whenever it’s time for him to go to bed (and he finally agrees to it…) he says: „mami, please, turn on agses bell„. it is indeed the only music that can calm him down eventually. no singing on our side or other soothing tunes by olafur arnalds, udosson (we thought dad’s music might work, tihihihi…aw, aren’t parents adorable!?), or brahms did the trick, while „agses bell“ always works. interestingly, i have never had a day where i thought, i honestly can’t bear listening to „riverside“ or „close watch“ anymooooooore. every day ends with her tunes and we all (still) love it. that’s something not every record can achieve. i’d even say only few records stand this pretty nasty test. there’s even the common understanding that listening to a song or album too often will ruin the whole thing for you, which is in fact absolutely true. sometimes, however, music and it’s purpose unite and become inseparable. it is propably only then, that music turns more into a feeling you cherish and wish to repeat everyday. i enjoy putting our son to bed (most of the time, haha). we talk about the day, laugh, nurse, hug and kiss, and eventually, he falls asleep in my arms with „agses bell“ in his ears and dreams.

thanks agses! <3

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