#sowelisten the majority says „run alone“

sometimes it feels like we’re running all alone against all odds, against our selves, against, well, a wall that actually isn’t there, but feels very real. sometimes we run alone just because the quietness & solitude feels good for a moment. the majority says, however, kind of substitute the ‚alone‘ and the connotation of escaping with the idea of running together. how? not exactly in terms of lyrics, but by approaching the issue with a driving rhythm and light spirit, poppy sounds, and the joined vocal forces of the sextett. singer hanna antonsson’s delicate voice starts out alone but is soon backed up by a strong choir. as said, sometimes it only FEELS like we’re running alone when in fact we have a whole team behind, beside and in front of us.

so, let’s walk and run together for the moment, shall we? :)

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