#sowelisten : tomorrow’s modern boxes – thom yorke

a short while ago i came across a review of thom yorke’s latest record „tomorrow’s modern boxes“ in a german music zine. i had just listened to the album and was already hooked. the fragile tunes and fragments versus the strong pulse vibrating from the confidence the individual tracks confer. yes, confidence. confidence in artistic works of value. the review however talked about a record featuring a sad under-water-sound of the piano, missing guitars, too many loose noises and melodies and generally, music without a body. thom yorke’s music was portrayed as the product of a notorious loner who has (probably willingly) lost his sense for (hit-)music and catchy songwriting. well, i couldn’t and can’t relate to this review.
i rather experienced this album as another step towards music as a piece of modern art. maybe hard to grasp or an album you have to put effort in to understand or access, but definitely no bodyless noise mess.

thom yorke might have become „a weirdo“ (in a difficult to understand, artsy way), and his music doesn’t „float like a feather“, but it is a beautiful piece of art. thanks thom.

Thom Yorke – A Brain In A Bottle (OFFICIAL VIDEO) from Tommaso Colella on Vimeo.

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