#sowesay 2015 @ sowearehome (plans and outlooks)

we have already packed 2015 with a lot of ideas, projects and stories to share with you. so what can you expect this year?

plans & outlooks:

1) we will add a new category to the current roaster: interviews & start introducing creative, inspiring people who have found a place in our home with their work/ thoughts etc.
2) we will expand our music category, reviewing & introducing the (latest) releases which have passed the sowearehome test (does it stick (around), does it make sense? does the kid approve?)
3) we will be venturing into urban gardening again, and we’re really excited to try out the gorilla gardening seedballs we’ve discovered (a little too late for the gardening season) last year
4) we will continue sharing our favourite recipes. this year, however, there’ll be 3 themes dominating this category:
lavender / chocolate / / bulgur
5) we will share travel stories and pictures also focussing on places that are great for/ with kids
6) we will continue our friday series „it was a long day – it was a long week“ since there is no next week without the previous…and too many memories get lost over the weekly hustle & bustle.
last but not least
7) we would like to invite you ‚home‘ – so, if you’d love to contribute/ talk/ exchange ideas, seeds, coffee or … please get in touch!! after all, home is best when shared. <3 :)

xx mr&mrs

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