#sowesay 2015 what has been and might be

well, we all don’t know, what might be, but every one of us has hopes, plans, things we wish to be able to change and keep.

2014 featured a lot of changes, restarts/ great and sad turns, good decisions, inpiring people and eventually left with memories we hope to never forget.

if all goes to plan (haha, so glad nothing does, actually, still, if our path crosses certain bridges),
in 2015
– we hope to be able to find a better balance between work life and life as a family
– we hope to travel
– we hope to learn new things
– we wish to do more to support the many causes & people who need it
we hope to find home again & again & again

we wish you all a happy, very healthy, hopeful 2015! hope you are home now.

xx mr & mrs

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