#sowesay easter – moments of the week

things have finally slowed down over here. don’t get me wrong, i really thrive on busy schedules & wild weeks, yet, the pace has been too fast and the everyday volume too high to thrive or, let’s be honest, cope. BUT even in those last weeks with its allergic reactions, recurrent fever & cough and our poor kid’s severe an anxiety episodes, there have been moments we cherished & that helped us deal with all that & eventually overcome it:

moments of the week (or the last weeks)

1) discovering malky ❤️

2) reading and learning more about HS (hypersensitivity) 

3) the warm spring air 

4) finding solutions & remedies to problems &  fears we parents could not quite grasp but were very real to our little boy 

5) so thankful for having access to meds that help reduce the symptoms of a flu and recover

6) the new kitchen cabinet (yayayay)

7) a delicious and moist and healthy and in many ways perfect carrot cake. 

have a blessed easter holiday. 


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