#sowesay christmas is coming #momentsoftheweek

well, it’s been getting rather warm outside lately, but still, the christmas spirit is lingering around and making itself heard and at home here. be it through the various incense smokers in this house, the parcels arriving and the presents being finished, or the piles of christmas recipes and cookie dough on the table. having said that, we all feel like we are missing a week or 2. how come it is already the last friday before christmas? well, i know, boring question, time’s running, get used to it already, huh!? yet, isn’t christmas also about slowing down, about calming down and looking around you to see (i men really SEE) what’s happening outside your little box? easier said than done, but, it is christmas and things happen during this special time. everything will come to a halt eventually at least for a few short moments, before time regains speed and carries us away into the next adventure and year. in this spirit, let’s take a moment to breathe and relive the #momentsoftheweek:

1) seeing how fond of music our little boy is and what an integral part of his little world certain artists and their music have become (Jan Robel accompanies us every day on our way to nursery and we wouldn’t have it any other way):

2) a ‚grandma-day‘, the boy couldn’t have been happier
3) hot chocolate/ hot water bottle couch evenings
4) tackling the sewing machine and getting some actual (YAY) sewing done (mrs)
5) working on a short christmas animation and being happy (YAY) with the results (mr)
6) sending off christmas parcels on time (phew, still a few to go, though, haha)
7) friday night sushi delivery anticipation

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