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so this week was the week of the ferris wheel. the christmas markets have been open for a while now, but we haven’t made it onto the ferris wheel until tuesday this week. it was the boychild’s first ride ever and i would love to add my (mrs) last. while kiddo was jumping up and down in the gondola out of pure and utter joy, making it swing and turn, i barely dared to look down and grabbed the what-not out of the gondola’s railings, if you know what i mean. ūüėÄ apart from that, it was a great ride & the view over our city is fantastic once you dare to look. so i am thankful

1) to have seen the joy and fascination in our boy’s eyes re sitting (or standing) in a giant wheel. wheeeeooooooo!
other moments to remember this week were:
2) stumbling upon dan mangan + blacksmith’s „mouthpiece“

3) chocolate crinkle baking (blog post spoiler alert ;D)
4) receiving the third wave coffee ‚wichtel‘ address and sending off coffee to east lansing, michigan. so excited to be part of this international christmas/ coffee adventure
5) enrolling in an e-course #digitalbravery (oh, heck yeah!)
6) discovering new coffeetable mags like lagom & receiving kinfolk issue 14
7) christmas-candle-light breakfast(s)

it was a long day, it was a long week. see you next friday.

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