#sowesay „i love you“. „do you also have a tractor?“ moments of the week

1) listening to parts of bjork’s new album and looking forward to finally listening to all of it over the weekend

2) chocolate gugl

3) conversations with our little boy like
me: „i love you!“¬† him: „do you also have a tractor?“ me: “ um…“ ūüėČ

4) discovering sarah blasko’s „all i want“

5) working with felt again & a late-night-lion-sewing-session

6) some revelations concerning the future of this blog while working through the fantastic digital bravery e-course material

7) mr j: working ‚on‘ the render farm for the first time (should have done that earlier!) & mrs c: starting the project #goingoffdecaf to be able to enjoy all the coffees the husband is drinking. come on, body, cope!

it was a long day, it was a long week. see you next friday.


p.s.: love that the word ‚hoffnung‘ (hope) stands out in the picture and beside our little boy’s painting…

/ / / /

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