#sowesay relax/ moments of the week

sometimes it is so hard to relax with all the thoughts running through our heads, not to forget the various sorrows, recurring flu & fever episodes, wild chaos taking over the house (oh my & the broken kitchen buffet doesn’t help), or the question where the heck you just left the tea you prepared before something else came up…
BUT, it is vital to take a breath to regroup & relax. some days might only allow for some seconds where we manage to slow down and actually enjoy a sip of tea before we forget about the cup again. some days might offer unexpected moments of joy. so let’s take a second and a sip of hot tea or coffee & relive the moments of the week. here are ours:

1) the kid’s happy laughter after days & days of him being rather miserable
2) listening to liz green’s – bad medicine

3) grandma taking a day off work to come over & be with her flu ridden grandchild ❤️
4) a moody cat moment
5) buttered gnocchi with parmesan, simple & perfect
6) lots of garlic to start into the weekend
7) an early evening, spontaneous campfire in the garden

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