#sowesay start #momentsoftheweek

the new year has begun, the first full MO-FRI week of 2015 is almost over and already features events that bear a sadness that could fill a whole year. freedom, indeed, is a gift not everyone can appreciate and/or handle. it is a tricky thing, true, but nothing can survive if it is not allowed to unfold in freedom.

so, this week’s (golden & black) moments were:

1) yes, oui, #jesuischarlie. <3
2) long, good late night talks about actions, reactions & freedom
3) discovering sohn:

4) delicious chocolate from finland #fazer
5) home renovation plans (yayyyy)
6) receiving the third wave wichtel coffee (post to follow!)
7) freedom

it was a long day, it was a long week. see you next friday.

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