#sowesay the first and the last #momentsoftheweek

this week has seen the first and the last days of a year. it’s good to look forward, but it’s important to remember the past, so, here we go: our moments of the week this time featuring 2 years in 7 days 😉

1) driving ‚home‘ for christmas
2) nutroast feast (ooooh why haven’t we tried this earlier. YUM)
3) waking up to the sirens of a toy fire truck (joy and pain, haha)
4) listening to jose gonzales‘ „stay alive“

5) (time for) movie nights. das finstere tal blew our minds & (of course) grand budapest hotel is no less a must-see
6) a quiet new years eve spent on the sofa with chocolate, crisps & coffee (/ tea) & some days of future past in front of us
7) coming home-home again

it was a long day, it was a long week. see you next friday.

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