#sowesay turn the light on #momentsoftheweek

it’s been a while, 3 weeks to be precise and perfectly honest since we last looked back at THE moments of the week. those 3 weeks featured the best of the best of family life: a tummy bug, then the flu, a wisdom tooth of horror, a huge furniture delivery and the attempt to reorganise parts of our flat with an ickle sick child, total chaos (i don’t even wanna think about moving into another flat anymore after reorganising the kitchen and bedroom), and lot’s of chocolate. well, that’s familylife at it’s best. ;D

so, let’s not dwell on viruses or chaos anymore, but turn the light on to look at the greatest moments of the week:

1) crafty (grand)parents helping out bulding wardrobes & cleaning the kitchen ❤️

2) nursing > fever

3) clearing out old stuff & finding memories

4) hot chocolate with lavender and balm & chocolate cookies

5) experimenting with bulgur

6) finally being able to catch up on the digital bravery e-course and actually DOING course work. YAY! high five to all of you out there juggling work, family and whatnot. You are amazing!!

7) benjamin francis leftwich – atlas hands

„… i’ve got a plan, i’ve got an atlas in my hands …“

it was a long day, it was a long week. see you next friday.

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