#sowesay – walking down memory lane

yesterday, when i was walking around in our our flat i realised the tip-tapping sound of my shoes. i know, wow, huh. ūüėČ BUT, this sound is so familiar that we usually do not think about it. yesterday, however, it reminded me of the sound my grandpa’s shoes always made. everytime we set off for home after a visit, he used to accompany us down the stairs to the main door in his house. his slippers made this unique (ok, maybe not so unique in itself, but in a sentimental way) tip tapp schlapp sound, if you can follow me here. i loved it & still remember it vividly. maybe because my grandpa & grandma both were musicians, and sounds were just everywhere in their home. it’s definitely one of the most influential places, where my musical senses were shaped. generally, i remember a lot of sounds when thinking of my grandparents, like my grandpa tuning his violin or my grandma working in the kitchen or playing the piano. the tip-tapp-schlapp sound still remains one of my favourites.


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