#sowesee the christmas tree is up

usually we would put up the tree on christmas morning (24 dec), but with all the anticipation, visits, christmas travels etc. we thought it might be nice to loosen up the tradition a bit and start on the 3rd sunday of advent. plus, we used to have real candles only and changed that, too. now the tree is decorated with minimalist fairy lights in the bottom half and 3 candles on top of the tree. we figured 3 real candles are easier to watch than 10 with a rambunctious kiddo on the loose. ūüėČ

this 3rd advent was really special. the eyes of a child tell so many tales. we feel so lucky to be part of his stories and wonders and feel his joy. what a gift. we hope you all had a blessed day and wish you a healthy, happy, and marvellous christmas time.

xx mr & mrs sowearehome

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